Thursday, February 14, 2008



One of the fanciest ways to show suspicion or skepticism in the urban jungle of D.F.. Chi-como-ño! is the pimped-up version of the phrase: Si como no!, which means: “Really? I don’t believe you!”. The term has gained enormous popularity in virtue of its albur value (double meaning). In the appropriate context, it stands for me como tu chiquilin, which translates into something like: “your ass is mine”. Perhaps no other celebrity was fonder of this expression than the late tropical music legend Chico Che (see photo).

Que crees carnal? Le paso un resto a tu hermana! A: Chi-como-ño!

Dude, I think your sister digs me. A: In dreams loser!

Synonyms: andale! (pronounced in a low suspicious tone stretching the end vowel: n-daleeee!).

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