Wednesday, February 6, 2008

¡En chinga!

(EN CheeNgah)

En chinga is a very handy adverb. However, as any other effective piece of Chilango language, its meaning is driven by context, emphasis and body language.
  1. In a rush, in haste, tremendously fast
  • Ana Güevara (world champ) corre en chinga 
  • Vete en chinga por unas tortas. Command: Go in haste to pick up some tortas (A good torta cubana is really worth the rush). 


2. Very busy, overwhelmed with work
  • ¡Pobre güey, anda en chinga! Poor guy is swamped!
3. A beating, a hassle

  • A tu hermanito lo traen en chinga en la escuela!: Your little brother is being bullied at school!  and/or  your little brother has a lot of homework.
  • Es una chinga lavar los platos: Doing the dishes is a hassle


  1. Can't you also use "chinga" as an expression like the F word or "shit?