Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hacer el quite

Hacer el quite (ah•SIR  el•KEE•teh) means 'to step up for someone'. In many situations it is used in a similar way to hacer el paro. If someone te hace el quite, that person helps you out by taking the shot him or herself.  


Pánfilo: Se me juntaron dos pieles en el reven y mi broder me hizo el quite con una. 
Rómulo: Bájale. Yo te ví en la fiesta y ni quién te pelara. Pinche mitómano.

Panfilo: Two girlfriends were at the party and a bro had to help me out with one of them.
Romulo: Yeah right! I saw you in that party and nobody was with you. You bloody liar. 


  1. This one must come from bullfighting, doesn't it?

  2. That's right. In bullfighting it means 'to save somebody when that person is about to get hurt by the bull.' Thanks!