Saturday, March 6, 2010


Literally, bájale (BAH • kha • leh) means "bring it down" in imperative form. It is an expression of disbelief applied to: (i) a situation when one thinks a person telling a story is stretching the truth, making it more dramatic or (ii) when someone behaves in a overly dramatic fashion.

Example 1:

Paco: Y entonces le dí un zape y le dije, ya te cayó la voladora pinche chango mamón.
Memo: ¡Bájale! Yo estaba ahí y vi lo que pasó. El güey ese te dio chance nomás porque venías con toda tu bandera.

Paco: And then I smacked him and told him 'you're so screwed fucking asshole.'
Memo: Yeah right! I was there and saw everything. That dude gave you a break just because you were with a bunch of friends.

Example 2:

Lupita: Ya le dije, licenciado. Una mujer como yo merece sólo lo mejor.
Ramiro: Bájele, Lupita. Usted está muy linda pero tampoco le eche tanta crema a sus tacos.

Lupita: I told you, sir. A woman like me deserves only the best.
Ramiro: Come on, Lupita. You're very cute but please do not go overboard.

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