Monday, March 29, 2010


Sometimes when something is truly superb there is no need to give much of an explanation as to how it makes us feel. Estaría (lit. it would be) is an interjection that results from the truncation of the expressions estaría de huevosestaría  chidoestaría de poca madreestaría chingonométrico, etc. 


Yayo: Imagínate largarnos con unas pieles unos tres días a acampar en la playa, cheleando y tocando los tambores, siguiendo el ritmo del mar mientras nuestras mentes divagan...
Chepo: Estaría...

Yayo: Picture ourselves leaving with some ladies for three days off to go camping at the beach, drinking beer and playing the drums, following the rhythm of the ocean as our minds take us faraway...
Chepo: It would be... [fan-fucking-tastic]

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