Thursday, March 18, 2010


Bajar (bah • KHAR) literally means to lower or bring down. In Mexico City, bajar also means: (i) to take possession over someone's belongings; (ii) to succesfully court someone else's significant other. Derivative expressions of bajar with the same meaning are dar baje (dahr bah • KHEH) and dar bajilla (dahr bah • KHEE • jah). Dar bajilla sounds as dar vajilla, which literally means 'to give a china' (a set of plates, cups, etc.)

Example 1:

José: Dos gandallas me dieron bajilla con todo el camarón que traía para liquidar la deuda.
Feliciano: Si serás. Ora sí nos va a caer la voladora.

Jose: Two tugs stole all the money I was bringing to pay the debt.
Feliciano: You idiot. Now we are utterly screwed.

Example 2:

Paco: Dices que eres mi carnal, y es la tercera vieja que me bajas. ¿Sabes lo que eso significa?
Pepe: ¡A huevo! Quiere decir que tenemos gustos muy parecidos cuando se trata de pieles.

Paco: You say we are BFFs, but this is the third girlfriend you steal from me. Do you know what this means?
Pepe: Hell yeah! That we have very similar tastes when it comes to ladies.

The image below shows a vajilla de talavera (talavera china). That's the type of vajilla you want people to give you, and not bajilla.

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