Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Perseguir la chuleta, Corretear el bolillo

|per-se-GEAR la chu-LEH-ta |
|cor-re-TEAR el bo-LIH-yo|

Making a living in Mexico sometimes can be challenging. This phrase is an expression of the hardship of coming around with basics like food. It literally means to chase the (pork) chop or to run after a piece of bread. It evokes a funny image and this will be perfectly understood by most chilangos. A similar expression is to pedalear, lit. to pedal (a bike).


Nayeli: vete a tu casa Carlos, traes una cruda de agumielero.
Carlos: no puedo, pinche cuenta se salió de control así que ahora tengo que perseguir la chuleta.

Nayeli: Carlos go home, you seem to have a terrible hangover.
Carlos: I can't, the bill got out of control, now I have to work to pay it.

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  1. Thanks for letting us to know the meaning of these idiomatic expressions that would be almost impossible to understand for people who speak other languages and even for people who speak Spanish from other countries.