Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mamón (and related words)

References to suck [as a verb (mamar) or as a noun (mamón, mamadas)] are widespread in effective contemporary Spanish. 


Refers to someone particularly pompous, stuck-up, obnoxious, arrogant, uppish (you get the idea)

However its rather simple core translation to english, mamón is noteworthy for its florid conveyance.
  1. ¡No seas mamón!: don't be an asshole
  2. No seas mamón (in tone of disbelief): are you shitting me?
  3. No seas mamón: (as a plea) Please! c'mon
  4. Ese güey es re mamón: That guy is a snob
  5. Está re mamona tu nave: Your ride is hot, looks expensive 

(a blow job)
  1. Eso es una mamada (That is far fetched, that is a blow job)
  2. Es una mamada lo buena que está mi maestra de yoga (My yoga teacher is hot beyond belief)
  3. No digas mamadas (get real)
  4. No mames (for real?)
  5. Mameeees (for real?)
  6. Estas mamando (you're lying)
  7. No mames cabrón (stop it dude)
  8. Tu guacho está de no mames (your watch is awesome)
  9. Ni de mamada (No fucking way, that doesn't stand)
  1. Ese luchador está mamadísimo: That lucha libre wrestler is pumped up
  2. Estoy mamadísimo: I'm exhausted


  1. Another very common use would be:

    Me la mamé! (I did something awful)

  2. The classic:

    Para de mamar. Fuck off!

  3. Se la mamaron con este blog!

  4. A mi me gusta el termino "estar bien maizeado", que tiene el mismo significado que "estar bien mamado" pero con un antropoverguismo visionario...