Thursday, January 17, 2008


There are several ways to say good bye in Spanish but only a few are appropriate on the streets of Mexico City. Here is a list by category.


  • Adiós: good bye
  • Hasta luego: So long
  • Hasta pronto: id.
Slangy yet neutral:

  • Baygón: from "bye" and the insecticide by Bayer
  • Baik: from "bye" and "bike"
  • Báilele: dance it, from "bye" and bailar
  • Ahí la vemos: we'll see each other there
  • Ahí te ves: you'll see yourself there

  • Te lo lavas: wash it (your butt)
  • Te lo laballenas porque te apescadito, id. but more folkloric (notice the inserts whale and little fish to give a poetic tone)

  • Hasta la vista-only native speakers can say it, with a Schwarzenegger accent
  • Vaya con Dios-only native speakers can way it, with a John Wayne accent

Keep it real and stick to Baygón

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