Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The correct use of the word chaqueta (chah-KEH-tah) will probably earn you the respect of every chilango you run into. Though the literal meaning is jacket, literal meanings are rarely used in Mexico. Pay attention to the context to understand its proper use.

  1. Chaqueta: noun, the action of masturbating; verb, chaquetear (or hacerse una chaqueta), to jerk-off.
  2. Chaqueta mental: mind masturbation, a pipe dream.
  3. Chaquetero: a person who is a flip-flopper (oldschool), or who masturbates more than twice a day.
  4. Ser un chaquetas: to be a loser.
  5. Estar chaqueto: in reference to a person, to lack energy and stamina, just like after masturbating; in reference to things, to be dull.

Chaqueta can be substituted by puñeta (a reference to male masturbation by moving up and down a fist or puño) in cases 1, 2, 3 (except to mean flip-flopper) and 4. An infallible way to impress poetry-loving chilangos is reciting the anonymous poem:

Tú que eres poeta
y en el aire las compones
hazme una chaqueta
y lo que sobre te lo comes

(Though you should avoid saying it to people you care about.)

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  1. A derivative of "chaquetas" worth mentioning is "chaquetón", which basically means tasteless, of poor quality, or that just doesn't meet the standard.