Monday, January 7, 2008


Avión (ah-vee-ON, lit. airplane) is used in three fine expressions. When someone claims that se le fue el avión (lit. the airplane abandon him or her) about some other person, it means that such person either has symptoms of Adult Attention Disorder or that is mentally unstable. Dar el avión (lit. to give the airplane) to someone means to make that someone believe that one cares for and agrees with what that person is saying. Finally, when avión is used to refer to a woman, it means she is very attractive.

  1. Se me fue el avión a media junta => I got lost in my thoughts in the middle of the meeting

  2. A más de un mandatario en Sudamérica se la ha ido el avión después de unos años de poder => More than one head of state in South America has gone bananas after a few years in power

  3. El secreto para caerle bien a los jefes de tu chava es darles el avión => The secret to make a good impression with your girlfriend's folks is to pretend you listen carefully and agree with them

  4. La nueva esposa del diputado es un avión => The congressman's new wife is a hotty

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