Tuesday, January 29, 2008


(lit. potatoes)

Ok, let's do it, let's go get it, chido

Papas is an unequivocal expression of agreement or consent. 
  • Vamos por unos taquitos ¿no? "¡Papas!
It can also mean closing the deal
  • Nos fuimos a su casa y ¡papas!

Arguably, the term derives from  pin, pon papas, saca la mano y escapas; a clapping game handy for succesive elimination. The game got popular in a satire of Superman in the iconic show: La Carabina de Ambrosio during the 70's. 

Supermam (short for Super Mamón) would crank a pin pon papas after every bad joke (each of those a mamada on their own right) or as a means to transform into Supermam.


  1. A phonetic derivation of "papas" that is nowadays a term in its own right is "Pápalo pa'l taco". Pápalo is a herb that grows around Mexico City that is used to spice barbacoa tacos.


    All of the following phrases, like 'Papas!', connote acceptance, affirmation, confirmation or a plain and simple 'you betcha!'.

    * Zaz!

    * Sale y vale! (acceptable, worthy and valuable)

    * Ya 'stas carnal! (agreed dude)

    * Juega! (game on!)

    * Juega el pollo y se revuelca! (abso-fuckin'-lutely!)

  3. In addition to the wide use of confirmation "papas" also has another widely used meaning:

    Victor: Ya viste a la nueva secretaria?
    Ernesto: CLARO! Tiene unas papas!!!

    Victor: Have you seen our new assistant?
    Ernesto: Of course! She has really big breasts!!!