Tuesday, January 29, 2008

La neta

The literal meaning of neta (NEH-tah) is net, i.e. what is left after what must be subtracted has been subtracted. It has several meanings, all equally relevant and deep.

La Neta (with capital "N") is the ultimate truth or something that produces the same bliss. For instance, estos tamales son la Neta (these tamales are making me bliss out). When used without capital "N", neta means truth and neto means truthful or truthfully. For instance, me dijo la neta (she told me the thruth), and ¿neto? (are you serious?). Echar netas means to get into an open discussion of one's feelings, usually with the help of liquor.

La Neta es chida, pero inalcanzable (the Neta is cool but unreachable) was one of the tenets of the youngboys in "Y tu mama tambien".

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  1. Also let's mention that there's a difference between La verdad (the truth) and La Neta (the truth): La verdad, is the official version, that everybody knows and accepts, but La Neta is the unofficial version with all the unknown details, for example: La verdad es que no fui a trabajar porque estaba muy enfermo, pero la neta es que estaba con una cruda culera (The truth is that I didn't go to work because I was really sick, but the "Neta" is that I had a terrible hangover). That's why La Neta is cool and unreachable.