Wednesday, January 23, 2008


(pen -THE-ho)

While in some South American countries pendejo often means infant or childish, pendejo commands a much harsher significance in Mexico. While overcoming infancy is a matter of time, in Mexico chances are that a pendejo will remain pendejo. Yes, pendejo is both a noun and an adjective.
Some aproximate translations include: Ass, ass hole, tool, tool box, moron, imbecil, retard, idiot, dumb, dumass, stupid.

Following popular wisdom, pendejos need not go to pendejo school: "Pa' pendejo no se estudia." Similarly, while some pendejos may not look like pendejos, word is that a pendejo-face will consistently live up to his appearance.

  1. Eres un pendejo: You are an ass.
  2. No seas pendejo: Think again.
  3. No soy tu pendejo: I am not your bitch.
  4. Nomás la cara (de pendejo): You're actually pretty clever (not as dumb as you appear).
  5. Dices puras pendejadas: You're speaking pure nonsense Note: Everyone says pendejadas once in a while without necessarily being a pendejo, however there is a thin line.
  6. Pendejete: petty pendejo.
  7. Pinche pendejo: Fucking pendejo.
  8. Quita esa cara de pendejo: Don't act so sorprised.
  9. No te hagas pendejo: Stop pretending.
  10. No tiene un pelo de pendejo: Not an inch of pendejo.
  11. Estás pendejo: No fucking way.
  12. Pendejo con iniciativa. A pro active pendejo (the most dangerous kind).


  1. That's what I'm talking about!

  2. Another widely used phrase is "quedarse pendejo" which means to enter a state of amazement or awe. "Dejar pendejo" similarly means to leave someone perplex.

    'El zaguero croata se quedo pendejo con la "Cuauhtemiña"'.

    'That Croatian defender was perplexed by Cuauhtemoc Blanco's ability to play soccer'.

    There is an infinite supply of pendejos, but only a handful can achieve world-wide notoriety through the daily exercise of their 'pendejez' (insert photo of George W. Bush).