Thursday, August 5, 2010

The other V word

The vagina, as the penis, has plenty of synonyms in chilango slang. And just as the synonyms of the brotherly word, they should be used carefully. These words should be reserved almost exclusively with guys which are your friends. Women would get utterly offended by some, if not most, of them.

A (brief) list of them: bizcocho, panela, panocha, pucha, raja, concha, florecita, ostión.

Etiquette: there is no good etiquette in the use of these words. Apart from bizcocho and florecita, any use of them is more or less derogatory.

Unlike the verga word, the vagina word is not used nearly as much or in as many contexts. It is mainly used to refer to, well, the vagina.

In the southern US (Colorado) panocha is a pudding.


  1. I have been reading your site for about 5 weeks and wish I had started sooner.
    I have been living in Veracruz (state) 9+ años and love every day in Mexico. There have been some hours that it sucked but in the end the place I call home.
    The latest (the other V word) was a laugh out loud moment. Too funny, keep up the good work.

  2. Where I come from (Jalisco) we also call piloncillo panocha. Imagine going in to a tienda and asking the lady "Seño, tiene panocha?".