Thursday, December 24, 2009

Al chile

Al chile (al-CHEE-leh, lit. to the chili) is an expression that Chilangos use in two situations. In one case, al chile precedes a confession that might get one in trouble. In such case, it means the opposite to the figurative expression "sugar-coated". In the other case it means, al chile qualifies an action taken without much care or without thinking, a gut reaction--a synonym of al chile is  de huevos. On occasions, al chile can be  substituted by al chilazo in order to add emphasis. 

Example 1: 

Cándido: ¿Qué te pareció?
Gelasio: Al chile me late que ese güey es puro taco de lengua

Cándido: What do you think about him?
Gelasio: Straight up I believe that dude is full of steamy, stinky shit.

Example 2:

Doctor: ¿Concluyeron el electroencefalograma que pedí?
Enfermera: Ya estufas. Nada más fue al chilazo porque ando en chinga.

Doctor: Did you finish the EEG that I requested?
Nurse: It was done, but in a rush, 'cause I'm in a hurry.

Electroencefalograma is just a fancy term for an electrographic study of the choya (CHAW-ja), i.e. the head.

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