Friday, December 4, 2009


Cojicuates (co-hee-KWA-tess) is a highly informal way to refer to people that without any romantic interest engage in sexual intercourse regularly. In more technical terms, cojicuates is the Chilango equivalent of fuck buddies. Use cojicuates in the exact same way you'd use fuck buddies.


Olga: ¿Por qué no trajiste a tu galán?
Teresa: Me dejó porque lo presenté en la fiesta de fin de año de la oficina como mi cojicuate.

Olga: How come your boyfriend is not here with you?
Teresa: He left me because I introduced him as my fuck buddy in the office's holiday party.


  1. Interesting. Are there other expressions for fuck buddies, something perhaps more universal as opposed this Chilango specific term? Or would this term be recognized outside of the D.F.?

  2. Parchicuates is in the same way a chilango term.

    A more universal expression could be "amigos con derecho" (friends with rigths) the same term than english.
    But is more funny to use chilango's terms.