Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Chilangos love to twist words. And words that refer to numbers are not the exception. Below is a list of how to refer to numbers.

Must know:

Uñas (finger nails) = Uno, 1
Donas (doughnuts) = Dos, 2
Tripas (guts) = Tres, 3

Good to know, just in case:

Cuajos (rennets) = Cuatro, 4
Cintura (waist) = Cinco, 5
Sesos (brains) = Seis, 6
Sienes (temples) = Siete, 7
Ojos (eyes) = Ocho, 8
Narices (noses) = Nueve, 9
Dientes (theeth) = Diez, 10

Other, also helpful:

Diego (proper name) = Diez, 10
Ciego (blind) = Cien, 100
Melón (mellon) = Millón, 1,000,000


Felipe: ¿Cuántos kilos de carnitas llevo?
Vicente: Donas.
Felipe: ¿Y cuántos cartones de chela?
Vicente: Tripas.

Felipe: How many kilos of deep-fried pork should I bring?
Vicente: Two.
Felipe: How many cases of beer?
Vicente: Three.


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