Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pasarse por el arco del triunfo

Pasarse por el arco del triunfo something means to not give shit about that something. The expression literally means "to pass [something] under the Arc de Triomphe". Yes, the Parisian landmark. Arco del trunfo is used as a metaphor for one's crotch. If you don't give a damn about something such as a request or a command, you pass it under your crotch or your nads. It's obviously a guys' expression.

A less friendly yet more assertive version of the same expression is pasarse por los huevos. Same meaning, easier metaphores. Huevos (eggs) stand for testicles.


Pedro: El pinche elevador se chingó de nuez. Es la tercera vez esta semana.
Carlos: Pues interpón una queja ante la procuraduría del consumidor.
Pedro: ¡Simón! El ojete del casero se pasa todas esas quejitas por el Arco del Triunfo.

Pedro: The friggin' elevator is out of order again. This is the third time this week.
Carlos: File a complaint before the consumer office.
Pedro: Yeah right! That son of a bitch doesn't give shit about those complaints.


  1. I'm so glad yall are back! you've been missed

  2. great blog ;) .... but i not justto DF ;) .... i will share this blog with my bf that is learning spanish :)