Friday, February 25, 2011

Pasarse de tueste

Literally, pasarse de tueste means "to over-roast". It is used to express that a person has gone too far. It is not offensive yet it is utterly informal. In the scale of harshness, it is the least harsh among the expressions: pasarse de verga, de cornetade camote, and de lanza. Perhaps a bit harsher than pasarse de la raya.


Deudor: No se apure. Sí traigo la lana para pagarle sus 3 mil pesos. Nomás que antes necesito que me preste otros 6 mil pesos.
Prestamista: No te pases de tueste, maestro. O pagas o pagas. Tú elige.

Debtor: Rest assured I have the dough to payback the 3 thousand pesos. I just first need another loan for 6 thousand.
Loan shark: Don't even think about it, pal. You choose: pay now or pay now.

Grafitti by Saner.

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