Monday, February 28, 2011


Mexicans do not agree on many things. But when somebody wears dreadlocks, facial hair and skateboard attires, looks like a ska singer, and  smells like patchouli, many will agree that you are in presence of a pandroso. To be or not to be a pandroso, that's a matter of choice. It's not about socioeconomic status. It's just about showering and shaving, some say. It's about being your true self, says the other camp. It is considered an insult only by those who despise pandrosos


Hija: Estamos enamorados y nos vamos a vivir juntos a Mazunte.
Madre (muy irritada): No vas a ninguna parte con ese pinche gringo pandroso. Primero que se corte el pelo, se bañe y se vista decentemente. Después veremos si tienes permiso de seguir viéndolo. 

Daughter: We are in love. We're moving to Mazunte and we'll live together.
Mother (highly irritated): You're not going anywhere with this useless American hippie. First, he needs a good haircut, a bath and decent clothes. Only after that we'll see if you have my permission to keep seeing him.