Thursday, September 2, 2010

De bote pronto

De bote pronto (the BEAU • teh PRAWN • taw) literaly means 'after a fast bounce'. It is used to convey that something is done on the spot, without much time to prepare, without giving it chance to bounce away. Agarrar de bote pronto means to give an opinion or decide a course of action right away, i.e. to shoot from the hip.


Maribel: El licenciado es súper mameluco pero las agarra de bote pronto. Se vé que lo van a hacer gerente regional de volada.
Cinthya: ¡Bájale! Ese cabrón no sólo le echa mucha crema a sus tacos sino que a veces ni le cae el veinte de las cosas.

Maribel: The boss is very uptight but he's really fast solving problems. I'm sure he'll be promoted to regional manager in the blink of an eye.
Cinthya: C'mon! That dude not only is a show off but sometimes he doesn't get what's going on.

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