Friday, September 10, 2010


Azotarse literally means to self-flagellate. In Mexico, it also means to make a big drama that does not match the situation. Of course, if someone se está azotando or not is in the eyes of the beholder.


Remi: Están súper pendejos si creen que yo voy a pagar el pato.  Ya sé que sólo quieren sacarme un un pedo, pero a mi me vale verga, ya verás que se van a cagar pa'dentro cuando me desquite. 
Señor Vitalis: No te azotes y prepárate para la próxima función.

Remi: They gotta be fools to believe I am taking this shot. I know they just want to scare me, but I don't  give shit about it, they will poop their pants when I take revenge.
Mr. Vitalis: Chill out and get ready for our next street performance.

Remi ("Nobody's Boy") is a cartoon  that was very popular in Mexico despite its extremely  azotado contents.

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