Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sacar un pedo

As grotesque as it might sound, this expression is utterly effective. Sacar un pedo (sah-KAR oon PEH-though) literally means "to force a fart out". It is used to convey a great surprise or a very scary situation (one that would make you fart involuntarily). If you want to emphasize the size of the scare, you can augment the size of the fart by substituting pedo with pedote, or pedotote, or pedototote, and so on.

Example 1:

Memo: Costa Rica le sacó un pedo al Tri en la última eliminatoria mundialista.
Nacho: Pero como de costumbre, los ticos se la pelaron.

Memo: Costa Rica gave a scare to Mexico in the last World Cup qualifyers.
Nacho: But, as usual, Costa Ricans let it slip.

Example 2:

Pepe: Mi chava me sacó un pedototote. Resulta que leyó mal la prueba de embarazo y creyó que estaba en Barcelona.
Paco: Esas chingaderas tienen un amplio margen de error. Al chile creo que deberías decirle que se la haga de nuez. Igual sí vas a ser papá.

Pepe: My girlfriend scared the crap out of me. She misread a pregnancy test and thought she was prego.
Paco: Those little things have a wide margin for error. Straight up, you should tell her to try again. Perhaps you're actually going to be a dad.

In the image below, un burro le está sacando un pedo al niño.


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