Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Cagante (kah-GUN-teh) literally means "the one who defecates". It means obnoxious, annoying. If you have to use this word frequently, we suggest you quit your job, switch friends, move to another city or find a new significant other. Cagante is both offensive and insulting. Use it with a serious face to increase its effectiveness.


Televidente: Es como si las televisoras hicieran un concurso para encontrar a la persona más cagante y luego le dieran a los finalistas el puesto de comentaristas deportivos.
Cuate: No te claves, maestro. Nomás apágale al pinche televisor y listo.

TV viewer: It's like if TV networks had a contest to find the most obnoxious person and gave the finalists the job of sports commentators.
Buddy: Drop it, dude. Just turn the TV off and problem solved.

TV personalities in Mexico (as in any other place) are either worshiped or profoundly disliked. Two of them are Mario Bezares and the late Paco Stanley. In the video below you can see why. And you can also see one of them accidentally dropping what allegedly looks like a little bag with a banned substance.

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