Thursday, January 28, 2010


Mameluco (ma-meh-LOO-kaw)  is one of those terms highly dependent on context. Its literal meaning is 'onesie'. However, mameluco is used in two ways. First, as a substitute for mamón. Second, as a substitute for mamey or guagüis.

Example 1:

Elber González: Si me pegas un mameluco te prometo que te llevo a cenar a un lugar bien morrocotudo.
Alma Marcela: No tengo hambre.

Elber Gonzalez: If you give me oral sex I will take you out for dinner to a fancy place.
Alma Marcela: I'm not hungry.

Example 2:

Fernando: ¿Cómo te cayeron tu suegros?
Leperino: Bien. Nomás que el ñor es medio mameluco y la doña parece teibolera.

Fernando: How did you like your in-laws?
Leperino: I like them. It's just that her dad is a little uptight and her mom looks like a lap dancer.
Adult onesies are über mamelucos. Avoid them in Mexico City or any other location.


  1. OK, so the word "onesie" has another meaning besides "jumper"? What would that be?

  2. Just follow the links to the two potential meanings in orange letters, which by the way can be summarized as: i) prick/uptight and ii) oral sex).