Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ahí muere

This is a solid, old expression that you have to use if you really want to sound like a Chilango or Chilanga. Ahí muere (i-MOOEH-reh) means "it dies there". It is used to convey that a deal, a relantionship or any situation that involves at least to parties with different interests has come to a definitive end.

Example 1:

Diego: Tu te quedas con la custodia de Carlitos, yo me quedo con la casa en Cocoyoc, te paso una pensión y ahí muere la cosa. ¿Cómo ves?
Amanda: Me late.

Diego: You keep the custody of Carlitos, I keep the house in Cocoyoc, give you child support and we call it a deal. How does that work with you?
Amanda: I dig it.

Example 2:
Entrenador: Un round más... ¡échale riñón!
Boxeador: Nel, profe. Ahí muere. Aviente la toalla. Porfas.
Trainer: One more round... Put your heart on it!
Boxer: I don't think so, coach. I'm done. Throw the towell. Please.


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