Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brincos dieras

If you use this expression, you'll not only suprise your Chilango friends but also will look as a respectable adoptive child of Mexico City. Brincos dieras is not an offensive expression. Its literal meaning is "you'd jump." It is used to mean "you wish," as in "you wish this were true so much that you are willing to jump if that would make it true." It can also be used in third person, brincos diera.

Example 1:

Thalía: ¿Es cierto que el Memo es tu novio?
Adela: Brincos diera ese zopenco.

Thalia: Is it true that you and Memo are dating?
Adela: Yeah, in his dreams! He's such a good-for-nothing.

Example 2:

Mamá: Como sacaste puros dieces te compré algo.
Pepito: ¿Un Nintendo Wii?
Mamá: Brincos dieras. No, te compre unos Choco Roles. Pero le compartes a tus hermanos.

Mom: Since you got straight A's I got something for you.
Pepito: A Nintendo Wii?
Mom: Yeah, right! No, seriously, I got you some Hostess HoHos. But don't forget to share with your borthers.

Marinela's Choco Roles, the Mexican version of Hostess' HoHos.


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