Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marro, amarrado

Amarrado literally means "tied". It is a figure of speech indicating that somebody does not let himself or herself go and spend freely. Amarrado means cheap, excessively frugal, not generous at all. Marro (which literally means "hammer") is often times used in lieu of amarrado as a shorter, even more colloquial version.


Elba: No seas amarrada y háblale al mecánico. Hay uno súper baras aquí en corto.
Esther: Nel. Sale bien cariñoso. Además nomás es un cambio de llanta que está de volada.

Elba: Don't be so cheap and call a mechanic. There's an inexpensive one very close.
Esther: No way. It's pricey. On top of that it's just a tire change that I can take care of quickly.

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