Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No dar paso sin huarache

Huarache (wa • DUH • che) is a Mexican word for a rudimentary sandal. Sandals (the most primitive form of shoes) protect our feet every step we take. No dar paso sin huarache literally means "not taking a step without preparation or without being aware and  ready for the consequences."


Gastón: Sabía que tus pinches invitados se iban a acabar las chelas en dos patadas. Así que me tomé la libertad de poner la lavadora a  buen uso, con un guardadito pa' los cuates.
Aurelio: Estás cabrón. Tú sí no das paso sin huarache.

Gaston: I knew your damned friends were gonna go through the beer in no time. Thus I took the liberty of put the washing machine to a good use, hiding some reserve for the homeys.
Aurelio: You're too much. You're always prepared for what lies ahead.  


  1. I think you hit it out of the ball park with this one! And I learned a new use for my washing machine!