Monday, October 4, 2010

Chicle y pega

Chicle y pega (CHEE • klei • PEH • gah) literally means "chewing gum and sticks". It is used to imply that a strategy might work but it is not guaranteed. The idea is that such strategy "might be like chewing gum and stick."


Rutila: Compré una serie completa de la lotería. Si ganamos, vamos a ser millonarios.
Nicanor: Chicle y pega y no tendríamos que chambear de nuez en toda nuestra vida.

Rutila: I bought a lottery ticket. If we win, we'll be millionaires.
Nicanor: If that happens, we won't have to work again for the rest of our lives.  

The árbol del chicle (chewing gum tree) in Coyoacán is a popular attraction for tourists (who take pictures of it) and locals (who get rid of their chicles on it)


  1. Amo este blog!

    Una pregunta...
    I thought chicle y pega also meant something like, keep trying it just might work. Like throw chicles against the wall and eventually one is bound to stick.

    As in,
    "Ya he invitado a casi todas las ninas de mi clase a cenar! Y todavia ninguna me dice que si!"
    "Tu sigue intentando. Chicle y pega."

    What do you think?

  2. That's correct. Great example.

  3. good, but you should note that "chicle y pega" implies a [very] low probability. Like in the lottery example, it can happen but probability is quite low.

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