Monday, November 16, 2009


Mocos (MAW-koss) literally means snots, mucus from the nose. It is used as an interjection on its own right. The use of ¡mocos! is similar to that of the English words ka-boom and bang. It denotes a sudden and violent action taking place: a punch in the face, a car crash, the sudden revelation of a painful truth.

¡Mocos! always has to be said in a dramatic way, conveying the sudennes and violence of the fact represented. ¡Mocos! is an informal but harmless expression.

Example 1:

Marcela: Después de 17 años de casados, le confesó que antes de conocerla estuvo en el tambo por malversación de fondos.
Gabriela: ¡Mocos! ¿Y qué más?

Marcela: After 17 years of marriage, he confessed to her that he was in jail before knowing her for a fraud.

Gabriela: Ka-boom! And... what happened?

Example 2:

Conductor: Estaba espejeando para cambiar carril, y de repente ... ¡mocos! Se me estampó un maestrín.
Ajustador: Por favor sea más específico. No puedo incluir "¡mocos!" en mi reporte.

Driver: I was looking at the rear-view mirror to change lanes and all of a sudden ... crash! A dude hit me.
Insurance agent: Please be more specific. I cannnot write that in my report.

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