Sunday, November 22, 2009


Erizo (eh-REE-soh) literally means sea urchin. It is used in the expression andar erizo, i.e. "to go by like a sea urchin." It is used in reference to two situations. First, andar erizo is used to denote withdrawal syndrome or cold turkey. Second, andar erizo means to have no money whatsoever. An old school equivalent for andar erizo's second meaning is andar bruja ("to go by like a witch").

Example 1:

Carla: Vi a tu marido el otro día en la calle. Andaba bien erizo.
Patricia: Por quinta y última vez, ¡Rigoberto ya no es mi marido!

Carla: I saw your husband on the street the other day, suffering cold turkey.
Patricia: This is the fifth and last time that I say it: Rigoberto is no longer my husband!

Example 2:

Fidel: Saca para una caguama.
Ernesto: Ando super erizo, compañero.

Fidel: Gimme some change for a six pack.
Ernesto: I'm broke, buddy.