Thursday, November 19, 2009


Batear literally means "to bat". In Mexico City it is used to mean "to reject with utmost emphasis." Picture the person you're asking something from as a slugger at bat: your demands or suggestions can be sent out of the ballpark in a violent fashion with a big swing. The use of batear is usually accompanied by the gesture of batting a baseball to the centerfield and contemplating it as it goes beyond the fence.

Dar bat (lit. give bat) can be used in lieu of batear.

Example 1:

Hernán: ¿Te van a dar vaciones en semana santa?
Cuauhtémoc: Le dije a mi patrón pero me bateó horriblemente.

Hernán: Are you gonna have a spring break?
Cuauhtémoc: I asked my boss but he sent me back in a horrible way.

Example 2:

Mamá: Con las mujeres debe ser persistente, mijo. A tu papi lo bateé varias veces, pero siguió insistiendo, y al final le dí lo que quería.
Hijo: ¿Podemos cambiar de tema?

Mother: With women you have to persevere, my son. I rejected your daddy over and over, but he persevered and in the end I gave him what he wanted.
Son: Can we change the subject?

Vinicio Castilla is a famous Mexican slugger.

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  1. Dude, I'm a chilango living in the northern wastes for the past few years and I've found your blog unbelievably useful to bring communication to the next level with those who are interested in learning our slang.

    ¡Síguele dando, maestro!