Thursday, January 7, 2010

Se te hace de pollo

Se te hace de pollo (seh-TEHA-ceh the-PAW-jaw) literally means "yours trurns into a chicken one". It is a reference to feeling fear. The old school version of this expression is se me puso la carne de gallina, which means "I got goose bumps (out of fear)". The more modern and insulting expression from which se te hace de pollo comes is se te hizo el culo de pollo, literally "your behind turned into a chicken but."


Carlos: ¿No que ibas a llamarle a Carmela para invitarla al reventón?
Guillermo: Nel. Se me hizo de pollo. Pero ya habrá otra ocasión para cotorreármela.

Carlos: Weren't you gonna call Carmela to go to the party?
Guillermo: Nope. I chickened out. There will be another occassion to fool around with her.

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