Thursday, May 31, 2012

Te cargó el payaso

Literally, it means "the clown lifted you". If you hear it, you got the short end of the stick and there is no hope for you. You're screwed. You ran out of luck, or even passed away--depending on the context. Our panel of experts cannot come up with an explanation of why a clown lifting your body would be a reference to misfortune.


Gringo: ¿Qué pasó con tu pinche blog?
Experto: Nada. Estábamos de huevones.
Gringo: Yo creí que se lo había cragado el payaso.

US Citizen: What happened to your darned blog?
Expert: Nothing. We were just slacking.
US Citizen: I thought it was over.


  1. Explicación para la frase: En los rodeos, cuando un jinete caía del caballo, la persona que lo sacaba del rodeo iba vestida de payaso. Evidentemente, el jinete había perdido la ronda.

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  3. This is a great idea for a blog. Reading back through some of your older posts has had me laughing at my computer. I've learned some Spanish words and phrases that I didn't expect to learn today and ones that I wont forget!

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