Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aflojar el mastique

Mastique is a play-dough-like paste used to install glass into metallic window frames. Aflojar el mastique (ah • flaw • KHAR  el • mass • TEE • keh) literally mans 'to loosen up the paste.' In Mexico however, when someone says that se le aflojó el mastique, the expression means that such person needs to defecate. The connection requires no further explanation.


Cliente: Nada afloja el mastique como un espresso doble.
Barista: Para servirle.  

Patron: Nothing loosens up the dough like a double espresso.
Barista: You bet!


  1. Also, instead of saying "se me esta aflojando el mastique" one can claim "ya estoy tocando tela" (lit. I'm touching cloth) o "ando aplicando el cuello de tortuga" (lit. I'm pulling out the turtle's neck). You don't need a vast imagination to figure out how these expressions convey the same idea.

  2. That is not true, "aflojar el mastique" means to feel suddenly weakened, emotionally mainly.

    1. My dad used to say “Voy a liberar a Nelson Mandela" (lit. “I'm gonna free Nelson Mandela"), “Voy a hacerte un gemelo" (lit. “I'm gonna go make you a twin"), and my mom used to say "se me aflojó el chicloso" (lit. “My gumhole is loose"). It is called a gumhole because of the anus' appearance of a chewed piece of gum + a hole.

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