Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reina & derivatives

Reina (lit. queen) is a rather poetic reference heavily used by Chilangos in one of four forms. First, reina is utilized by merchants to refer in a most respectful way to a potential female customer or marchanta--sometimes as a substitute and sometimes as a complement of güerita (lit. blondie).

Second, the diminutive version, reinita, is used to denote an attractive woman with fine manners.

Third, reinota, is used to refer to a voluminous woman for whom the most appealing trait is quantity (rather than quality): six foot hotties will always be reinotas.

Fourth, reinaje is a singular term that means a collection of an unspecified number of reinitas, reinas and reinotas.


In the market: ¿Ora no lleva aguacates reina?
[You ain't getting avocados this time my queen?]

En ese antro, pura reinita de la Ibero.
[In that club you find only fine-mannered hotties that attend expensive colleges.]

Me pase seis meses de huevos en Praga, rodeado de pura reinota.
[I spent six awesome months in Prague, surrounded by voluminous beautiful girls.]

En las fiestas de ese güey el reinaje es de alto calibre.
[In that dude's parties girls are always high caliber.]

In every case, referring to women as reinas is a speech figure meaning that guys are "at their service." In the image you can see a true reinita, Queen Gorgo from the popular movie "300."

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