Saturday, April 25, 2009


Cacique (Kah-SEE-keh) is a prehispanic word that refers to a person that controls politically or economically certain region. Chilangos and Mexicans from other regions use the term cacique to denote that a vendor has monoply power refelcted in obscenely high prices.

Chano: No tengo nada de chupe y ya son las tres de la maƱana.
Chon: ¿Vamos a la vinata de Don Rutilio?
Chano: Nel, es super cacique. Mejor le tocamos a la vecina.

Chano: I have no more liquor and it's three in the morning.
Chon: Shall we go to Don Rutilio's convenience store?
Chano: Nope, he's a small time robber baron. We'd better knock on your neighbor's door.

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