Tuesday, April 1, 2008


lit. Dog

A person's, a thing's or a situation's dogsomeness are deeply rooted concepts in modern effective Mexican Spanish. Alternative meanings relate to different  k-9 attributes, in say: voracity, concupiscence, persistence, loyalty or toughness.
  1. ¡Eres un perro! Te atascaste a todas las viejas de tu salón : You made out with every girl in our class. You're such a dog! 
  2. Ya te vi perrín. (I see through you little dog) I know your intentions.
  3. Súbele al aire, esta perro el calor. Crank the AC, its hot like a bitch.
  4. Te trae de nalgas, como su perrito. You have fallen for her, you're her bitch.
  5. Ya vi tu coche, está perrón! Just saw your ride, it's smokin'
  6. Le estás tirando el perro a María verdad perrín? You're letting the dogs out on María aren't you dogg.
  7. Me trataron como perro. They treated me really badly.
  8. El concierto estuvo chido, el estadio estaba aperradísimo. The concert was awesome, the stadium was packed.
  9. Todos queremos guacamole, ¡no te aperres! Easy on the guacamole, we all want to try it.
Note: It's critically important to roll your r's properly.


  1. Me gustan estos terminos en mi pais no se utilizan estan muy bacilones jaja

  2. Que hay de... Wow que rico coge, tiene un perrito espectacular!