Friday, April 9, 2010

Uuuta mano & Puta madre

When something terribly disappointing is revealed or takes place, an Chilango unconstrained by etiquette would exclaim ¡puta madre! (POOH • tah MAH • dre, lit. whore mother!) This expression is related neither to a mother nor to a prostitute  It's just an expression. The longer the u in puta, the more dramatic the disappointment conveyed. The variation of puta madre suitable for all audiences is uta mano. Mano is a short for hermano (just like bro is to brother). If instead of puta madre, one exclaims ¡putisima madre! the feeling conveyed is not disappointment but rage.

Example 1:

Personal de la aerolinea: Les anunciamos que el vuelo 822 con destino la Ciudad de Mexico partirá a las 10:30 de la noche y no a las 8:30 como estaba planeado. Mucho agrademos su comprensión.
Pasajero: Uuuta mano. Es la tercera vez que cambian el itinerario.

Airline personnel: Flight number 822 to Mexico City will depart at 10:30 pm and not at 8:30 as it was scheduled. We appreciate your understanding.
Passenger: Oughhhh! This is the third time the schedule is changed.

Example 2:

Comentarista: Este es el tanto que le dara el pase a la liguilla. El ariete se prepara, toma vuelo, conecta de zurda y ... ¡la volooooo!
Fanático frente al televisor: ¡Puuuuta madre!

TV commentator: This is the goal that can get them to the playoffs. The striker gets ready, takes a few steps back, kicks with the left leg and... he missed it!
Fan in front of the TV set: Fuck!!!

Example 3:

Celia: No me digas que fuiste por el hielo, las cocas, mas ron y se te volvio a olvidar el chingado limon.
Tito: ¡Putisima madre!

Celia: Don't tell that you went for ice, cokes, more rum and you forgot again about the fucking limes.
Tito: Fuck!!!

Cuba libre or just cuba is a highly popular cocktail in Mexico. Cubas without lime are lame.

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