Saturday, March 19, 2011

Large numbers

On a warm morning, a Buddhist monk visiting Mexico saw a little kid playing on the beach. The kid was digging in the sand. He was creating a small pond that was getting filled with water from the ocean. The monk asked him if he knew how many ponds could be filled with all the water of the ocean. The kid stared at the monk and without hesitation said: just about pinche mil chingocientos.

Here are some large numbers worth knowing. Use them with confidence in reference to amounts and quantities emphatically large:

Un Chingo
Un Putero
Un Madral
Un Putamadral = Un Putero x Un Madral
Un Chingomadral = Un Chingo x Un Madral
Pinche mil chingocientos = un putero de chingos de madrales


  1. Los equivalentes serían shitload y fuckton o algo así, no?

  2. Me hizo reír a carcajadas.

    Don Cuevas

  3. Grande, esta entrada. O debería decir: me gustó un chingomadral.

  4. Te faltó poner "chorrocientos mil" que implica muchos pero que es una versión SFW (suitable for work)